BD-Z is a versatile kick drum module for Eurorack system focus to design a wide range of bass drum percussive sounds.
The implementation of thru-zero FM/PM BD-Z can deliver an immense variety of textures and harmonics, it has an amount of control over the modulation input to preserve the primary kick drum sound or not.
Additionally, the implementation of amplitude modulation to the sound core can add harmonics from the modulation source to be able to shape the sound, transform it, morph it into many other drums sounds like bongos, congas, etc.
Attention carefully was considered to maintain the signal gain always punchy so when the amplitude decay or the distortion is fully open it won’t get out of control.
The distortion can deliver more abrasive tones, it has a dedicated accent like the vintage-style drum machines to add dynamics to the rhythms. Features two amplitude envelopes out to control other utilities with the shape of the signal.
BD-Z is a powerful Kick drum module with many modulation possibilities.

BD-Z Features

  • Analog kick drum module
  • Manual and 10V input trigger input
  • Separate amplitude and pitch decay controls, both with CV inputs
  • Pitch amount to determine how offset the initial pitch is
  • 0Blendable waveshape determine distortion of sine wavAmplitude modulation input with attenuator
  • Thru-zero FM input with attenuator (jumper on back to determine TZFM or TZPM)
  • Accent input with level/accent attenuator
  • Tuning control as well as 1V/Oct input for consistent pitch tracking
  • Final output as well as a unipolar positive and unipolar negative amp envelope output


  • BD-Z originally was designed to have an organic sound shaped with a 1ms slope attack, increasing the pitch envelope amount you can control the snappy effect in combination with the amplitude envelope amount, however, if you want to have an extreme snappy attack please write us an email, we will be happy to help you modifying the circuit. (Only PCB version V1.35 – V1.36)


10 HP
Power consumption 84mA@+12V, 64mA@-12V