Operat is a highly functional, analog oscillator with a multitude of blendable modulation features, making it a module that is just as good as a collaborator as it is a solo module. Operat offers four basic waveshapes hat are blendable via an internal mixer, offering a sine, triangle, saw and square wave. These waves not only have their individual output, but they additionally
have their own individual mixer with CV inputs for introducing complexity at an early stage, use it as a VCA or for amplitude modulation! The square wave’s pulse width can be modulated via the PWM control, CV input with three different flavors to choose from for adding variety to PWM. The Sync input can act as hard or soft sync to force Operat to any other VCO´s
base frequency, a desirable effect to modulate with the additional exp FM input. Modulate the internal mixer’s final output with either AM or RM for metallic timbres, and a blendable dry/wet control allows you to determine how much of the effect is heard.
Thru-Zero FM/PM producing a wide range of timbres that can be introduced with the symmetry parameter, offering subtle sonic shifts to in-your-face aggression. Operat can act as a VCO or LFO, making it just as great of a tonal source as
much as a modulation source.

Operat Features

  • Analog thru-zero oscillator
  • Four individual waves (sine, triangle, saw, and square) with internal mixer, individual levels and CV control for each
  • Mix output for blended mix of all four oscillators
  • PWM control and input with three selectable configurations
  • Amplitude or ring modulation from the internal mixer, including a dry/wet control to blend with original signal
  • Sync input with selectable hard or soft setting
  • Frequency or phase modulation with bipolar symmetry control
  • Thru-zero control to introduce inversion of the FM or PM effect
  • Exponential FM input and 1V/Oct tracking input
12 HP
Power consumption 119mA@+12V, 85mA@-12V