Punch _MG

Punch MG is a unique module with VCA-DECAY & Mute GROUP designed for Eurorack systems.
This module has been specially crafted to generate dynamic percussive sounds while also offering the capability to manage multiple signals simultaneously
through its innovative mute group feature.
Punch MG provides a versatile platform for crafting dynamic percussive sounds. With its mute group feature, it allows you to handle numerous signals
This manual will guide you through the various features and functions of Punch MG, enabling you to explore its full potential.

Key Features:Dynamic Sound Generation: Punch MG is engineered to generate dynamic percussive sounds with finesse, offering a range of creative possibilities.

  • 215Mute Group Interaction and Signal Patterning: Utilize the mute group feature to enable interactions between signals that share the same group.
    This feature enables signal muting and amplitude limitation when multiple signals are triggered simultaneously. The amplitude and decay time of each
    signal are influenced by others in the same group. This characteristic can lead to captivating pattern variations when focusing on specific channels.
  • Expandable Capability: By linking two modules, you can expand the effect of the mute group to accommodate up to eight signals, fostering intricate
    interactions and captivating sonic landscapes.
  • AM Sound Creation: Connect audio rate signals to the level input to explore the creation of AM (Amplitude Modulation) sounds, further extending the
    sound design possibilities.
  • Envelope outs: Each envelope’s polarity can be inverted using dedicated switches on the front panel, enabling you to achieve effects like side-chain
    compression and ducking. Moreover, the mute group circuit’s influence extends to the envelope signal output, providing intriguing modulation capabilities
    that add a unique layer of creative expression to your sonic endeavors.


16 HP
Power consumption 215mA@+12V, 185mA@-12V