Particles, is 4 channels of trigger modulation, capable of mathematically variating and manipulating your patterns with a combination of features to play with.
It can evolve your rhythmic idea into more complex and groovy patterns which are difficult to achieve without music knowledge.

You can create your algorithms from the rhythmic tools provided to be able to change the patterns instantaneously in many ways without worrying to sacrifice
the original idea.

You can shift and scramble the outputs, you can repeat the triggers with different time signatures to transform the grooves, mute in different ways, disappear by probability trigger inputs, disappear by probability repetitions, use sequential switching to shift randomly with a different kind of resetting, bypass each channel and set it individually the amount of each feature per channel when feeding external CV.
The idea of Particles, was designed to provide features for building complex breaks, grooves, organic-evolving percussion sounds, and different options for
arpeggios, and even bass line grooves, the limits are decided by you.

Particles Features

4 trigger inputs/outs.

Repetitions with different distribution times to choose from.

Manually shift the output channels, scramble them randomly or clocked them in forward mode.

Reset the outputs to 4 different shift modes.

Disappear repetitions by probability per channel.

Disappear the input trigger by probability per channel.

Mute each channel with clock divisions from the input clock.

Mute manually the outputs

Disable triplets from repetitions to have musical patterns

Random voltages output clocked from clock input.

The slider keeps the adjusted value from each feature.


21/04/2024 Firmware V1.6

Holding down the FUNC button and pressing the encoder directs you to the RESET PULSES menu.
When the Channels buttons are ON, they have the capability to interrupt (choke) the repetition pulses of other Channels if their button is also activated.

07/10/2023 Firmware V1.5

Pressing FUNC + NO TRIPL switches CV RATE input jack allowing control eather the amount of REPETITIONS  or DISTRIBUTION SIZE.

“The term ‘distribution size of the repetitions’ refers to how the repetitions are allocated across a certain number of clocks. For instance, 16 repetitions can be distributed across 16 clocks, 24 clocks, 32 clocks, 40 clocks, and so on, up to a maximum of 96 clocks. This window size can be adjusted using CV in our latest firmware.”

Example 6 “x” Repetitions in 2 different distribution window size= [ x x x x x x ]  or  [ x      x      x      x      x ]

21/06/2023 Firmware V1.4

Holding press Function button resets all the parameters.

09/04/2023 Firmware V1.3

Absorb bug fix: Absorb sometimes was getting frozen when shifting inputs.

03/04/2023 Firmware V1.2

Probability bug fix and improvement.

Update firmware instructions: 

1. Download and unzip the latest firmware from this website to your computer

2. Replace .bin and .CFI files from the Particles SD card with the files downloaded.

3. Hold down BTN1 (GATER BTN) and power up Particles, let go holding the BTN until it goes to default menu.

12 HP
Power consumption 66mA@+12V, 16mA@-12V